Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Dream Manicure

Once I got my Bundle Monster Plates, I wanted to do a manicure that uses as many images as I could!  LOL.  So, I started off with a white base using Zoya Christina (from the LTHP giveaway!) Then I created a spring scene with flowers and butterflies.  Here is a detail shot of my thumb:

I started my stamping with a flower design from plate BM11 stamped with Zoya Dana.  Then I stamped the butterfly from plate BM04 with Zoya Pinta, and the butterflies on plate BM05 using Zoya Breezi and Areej.  To top it off, I dotted the center of the flowers using Sally Hansen Lightning and used a green striper from the dollar store to put in the grass.  And because this wasn't enough!  I added a rhinestone to the butterfly.  Here's a couple of shots of all the nails:

What do you think?  I'm definitely getting into the spring spirit after doing this manicure :)



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