Friday, September 30, 2011

Flip Flop Friday: Houndstooth Toes

Went to 5 Below recently and found some Jinx Nail Polish Strips, and I thought they would be perfect for my toes. I tend to change my nail color about 5 times a week, so these nail polish strips are kind of wasted on my fingers, but on my toes, I only change them out about once a week, so I these would be a great way to spice up my standard pedicure.

I think houndstooth is sooo cute! Have you tried nail polish strips on your toes yet? Did you know they sell nail stuff at 5 Below? I scored some major steals last time I was there including some Art Club stripers, some Funky finger glitters and Sally Hansen Chrome polishes!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Coral/Pink Nails for Wednesday

So, not sure if this color counts as pink. It's a bit coral, but I really love it. I don't have anything else like it in my collection. It doesn't have a name, but I got it from Ross and it is by the Cosmetic Arts company, who also make Color Club. It was a dream to apply, and I got full coverage in two coats. I decided to stamp this gorgeous color with one of my favorite stamps from Bundle Montster, BM204.
I know this is kind of springy and we are now entering into fall, but let's just consider this an end of summer mani!  How cute is the BM204 stamp?  I love these little flowers!  So, can I still sit with you guys if my nails are coral, not pink?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zoya Petra with Tribal Tips

When I saw Zoya's fall collections, one of my must have colors was Petra. She is just GORGEOUS! Check this beauty out:

I decided to stamp Petra with BM219 in black on the tips.
The end result was a cute fall work-appropriate look.  What do you think?  Are you digging on any tribal nail looks lately?  If you've posted one lately, feel free to share the link in the comments! :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Black and White Flowers on Red Nails

I got the inspiration for this manicure after watching nail art tutorials on Youtube.  I really love the work by IndigoNova1.  She originally did these nails with a green background, but I decided to use Zoya Kylie2 as my base which is a really bright corally red. 

My manicure didn't come out nearly as cute as Indigo's, but I found the tutorial really easy to follow, and it turned out as a pretty cute manicure.  Hope you like and it, and try it soon!  I've been finding some great nails on YouTube lately, if you are on there, or have a favorite youtuber I should check out, please let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hot Pink Zebra Nails

I must start out by saying that I am so sorry for my absence. I have just been sooooooooooooooo busy and I hate that I've neglected my little bloggy. I promise to make more time for you in the future! Ok, so now to today's Pink Wednesday manicure, holy hotness! I know this look has been done a zillion times before, but I don't care, these nails were SO MUCH FUN!  Srsly, if you have never done anything this bright and fierce on your nails before, DO IT!!!! DO IT NOW!!!! Here's the look:
Here's how to achieve this look:
  1. Start out with a base of China Glaze Shocking Pink (neon) - a color very true to it's name ;)  I used 3 coats.
  2. Then add a diagonal french using your favorite white, you may need 2 coats for full coverage.  You could tape this off for a clean line like I did in this manicure, but I didn't because I knew I would be going over the line with black.
  3. Using a black striper (mine is from Art Club) draw a line where the white meets the pink.
  4. Still using the black striper you can draw your zebra lines OR you can tape off your pink side and stamp the zebra print like I had on my zebra kisses konadicure.  I know konad, born pretty and bundle monster all have at least one zebra print design on their plates.
  5. Let your design dry really good, and then top coat.  I used Seche Vite because it does a good job of not smearing the design.
  6. (Optional) Before the top coat dries, add your rhinestones on the black line. 
Hope this tutorial helps you get some super fierce zebra print nails!  Holler if you are wearing pink nails today!  And Let me know in the comments if you'd rock this very bold look!

Monday, September 12, 2011

NOTD: Make a Wish

Simple manicure for you today. I started with a base color of Sally Hansen Gray by Gray, and then stamped some cute little flowers that remind me of the ones that float away in a breeze that you can make a wish on.

I think this design is on one of the Big Fat Plates on eBay, I did this manicure with Bevy and used her stamps, so I can't remember which design it was. (bad blogger! :P) If you know where this design can be found, let me know in the comments, and I'll edit the post. Hope you like it!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vacation Mani Pedi

I recently went on a little beach vacay and decided to try out the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects for the week! I chose this black and white floral print, and I must say, I was very impressed with them! They stayed on the whole week. I got a TON of compliments! I think people just aren't used to seeing these yet. They were pretty easy to put on, but they do take some time to apply because you want them to look so perfect and last a long time, ya know?
In an effort to do a pedicure that lasted a whole week, I went with a glitter sandwich.
It lasted FOREVER, and really reminded me of one of my favorite pins on Pinterest:
 Hope this gave you some ideas for long lasting manicures and pedicures for your upcoming vacays!  xoxo!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pink Starry Glitter

Simple little Pink Wednesday post for you today! I started with OPI Italian Love Affair as my base:
And then added a coat of NYX starry glitter over top:
I really like this subtle effect. I just wish someone would invent either 1) a glitter polish remover or 2) easy remove glitter polish! Why is it so hard to take off! Almost makes you not want to wear it, but its not gonna stop me! Any tips for glitter removal, or great removers or glitter polishes I should try? Let me know! Hope you are having a lovely pink Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sexy Nude Nails

New favorite nude over here! I love Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Cafe' Au Lait! It is such a great opaque nude. This is just two coats here:

To complete the look I stamped a zipper up the center using Bundle Monster BM202 plate in black!  It turned out to be such a sexy look!  I have been loving on nude nails lately.  I think I just enjoy a nice break from the crazy colors every once in awhile.  How do you feel about nude nails? 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Zebra Nails with Kisses!

Saw a set of nail decals recently that were zebra print with lips and decided to recreate the look with my bundle monster plates.

The zebra print stamp is from BM223 (from their second set) and the kisses are from BM02 (from their first set).  Nail blogger protip: Sally Hansen Insta Dri polishes are great for stamping!  The pink in the picture is called Presto Pink.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nude with Sparkly Tips

On a recent trip to Ulta I finally got my hands on Zoya Shay from the Touch collection! I was a little weary about buying anything from the Touch collection online because I didn't know which color would look best on my skin tone, but when I saw the collection in Ulta, I just knew Shay would be perfect on me! And it was! It is my new favorite nude!
To complete this look I took a new glitter from Forever 21 called Gold and sponged it on the tips.

I love how it came out! This was a great look to wear to work, and feels very fall and on trend to me! I hope you will try it out!


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