Friday, April 1, 2011

Lucky's Nails

Hey guys!
I have an announcement to make about my blog.  I've decided to switch focus from my nails and focus on dog's nails instead.  What dog doesn't love a little POP on their claws?  Sure, there will be a huge decline in konadicure posts because their nails are just too little, but I'm sure we will find a new focus over here.  So, from now on, meet your new nail model, my dog Lucky:
He's ready for his manicure.  Picking Sally Hansen Lightning in Insta Dry of course because this doggie is on the go!  Look at those paws:
Lucky was always destined for nail art.  In fact, one of his favorite things is barking at himself in the mirror of my nail art caboodle :P

So, that's our dog, Lucky!  Hope you guys don't mind the change in focus!  Stay tuned for some hot doggie nails!


Have a great weekend, girlies!



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