Friday, April 15, 2011

Flip Flop Friday: Tiger Toes

I'm not gonna lie to you, my toes are not super cute.  In fact, my mom compares them to the feet on the Flinstones.  Sweet, right?  But, this week my pedicure is sooooo cute, I just had to share this design with you. 

I call it Tiger Toes.  I painted the base using Zoya Austine and using some new nail art brushes, I free-handed some black lines to make the tiger stripes. What do you think?  Would you rock it?  Feel free to call me Tiger Toes from now on :D


  1. Hey your toes aren't that bad, better than mine for sure. I like what you did with them, those tiger stripes look great.

  2. love the nails! It looks great!



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