Thursday, June 9, 2011

My First Franken - Starry Night

When I saw my fellow blog roundup pal, Ling Ling, at Wulio's Nails was having a franken contest, I just had to give it a try. I follow a lot of blogs that franken all the time, but I never tried, so this was a perfect chance to give it a try! I've had this Zoya South Beach Ice for awhile now. It is the only Zoya that has ever really disappointed me because its sooooo sheer. It would be the coolest color if it was just one of their glitter formulas. Its still a great color for layering, and turns out, its also a great color for mixing in a franken! So, here is the color I came up with:
I mixed my color on a piece of paper first to get the right mix of colors, and then I started blending the polishes in an empty Seche Vite bottle. As I was blending the polishes, I kept testing on a nail wheel until I got the desired darkness. I really love how this came out.
Here are all the colors I put in my franken: Zoya Ibiza, Zoya South Beach Ice, Dollar Store White, and China Glaze Dorothy Who?
And here is my final manicure.  I decided to add a little nail art to match the theme of the polish I created.  For my nail art I drew some shooting stars using Sally Hansen Silver Sweep and the tail from the star is Milani HD Holo. Tell me what you think.  Any franken tips for me?  I really loved doing this, but I feel like I'm lacking supplies to do it all the time.  What should I stock up on if I want to do more?


  1. To me, this kind of looks like what you would want Dorothy Who? to look like if it weren't a straight glitter. I love it!

  2. you've done great job, i love it :-D



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