Friday, May 6, 2011

Week full of Nails for ya!

I'm so behind on posting my manicures.  Believe it or not, I've actually been painting my nails more than a couple times a week, but I just haven't had time to post them.
 Here's Zoya Lolly in her ModMatte glory!  Sorry she's upside down.  Blogger hates my images sometimes.

 When the Zoya Earth Day Exchange came up I was on the hunt for a lovely nude.  Zoya recommended Amanda to me.  I think its a cute color, but maybe not the perfect nude for my skin tone, so the hunt continues!  If you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments.  I stamped the rose with black from one of my Born Pretty plates.
 Birthday Nails!  Started with a light blue from Cosmetic Arts, then did a two tone cupcake stamp from BM14 Then I used CG Fairy Dust on top to give it a little sparkle.
 Let's call this one: FOIL FAIL!  I had this vision in my head of a full nail foil covered nails, all blingy and hot for my birthday, but um, it didn't hold up well...I got the foil and glue from Dollar Nail Art.  I think when I try this again in the future, I'll start with a base color like black on my nails.  Its a little difficult to get the foil all over the nail, so this will give something nicer to peak through than by naked nail.  I did mange to stamp some princess crowns on the thumb which I think looked pretty cute:
As a bonus pic, I present you BOW TOES!  Color is China Glaze Purple Panic (Neon).  The hearts on the little toes are from Konad plate M3 and the bow is from Konad plate M59.
So, what was your favorite mani from the week?  Any tips for me on how to apply foil better?  And I need nude polish recommendations.  I want something opaque and it is so hard to know by looking at the polish bottle if something is going to be sheer or opaque, so I need your recommendations!  Hit me up in the comments, and have an ab fab weekend!


  1. One of my favorite Zoya Nudes is Gigi. I also love Essie's Demure vixen because it has a slight Pink flash.

  2. My go to opaque nudes are both Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicures... Iced Coffee and Cafe Au Lait both work well for my skintone. If I want a sheer nude I go for Orly's Pink Slip because it pinks up a bit and hides my stains! Hope that helps!

  3. That nude looks a bit like Blushing by Creative I wore recently. It was a bit too brown for me (though seems lighter than this one) but depends on my tan. Right now I'm enough pale so I can pull it of. I have some old Maybelline that I remember liking very much, it leans a tad more to pink - but I think it's discountinued already.

    Have you thought about frankening a nude polish for you? A layer of a sheer milky polish would lighten the look also :)

  4. the cup cakes are so cute!! happy birthday!

  5. Love the Amanda shade! Looks great on you too and the stamping make it even prettier!



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