Monday, May 9, 2011

Lemonade Nails

Recently Nail Art Stamping Chick hosted a contest on Facebook calling for nail art stamping designs using the color yellow.  I decided to enter with a lemonade inspired manicure.  I started this manicure with Zoya Pippa!  What a CUTE yellow!  Then, I turned it into a ruffian with dollar store white.  I really love this style.  I think I might've done this without tip guides too, which is like a miracle!  I notice that as I paint my nails more and more for this blog, I'm really getting much more steady and clean with my application.  Do you guys have trouble with that?  Would it help if I posted some things I've learned so far?

 So, here is the ruffian,  Then I added the lemons using BM04.  These were stamped with Konad Special Yellow Polish and then took a green striper to color in the leaves.
I love this fresh summery manicure.  Totally matching this lovely weather right now.  Needless to say I didn't win the contest - whomp whomp!  But that's okay!  I'm hoping I will be getting the new plates as a bday gift soon!  Are you following Nail Art Stamping Chick on Facebook, yet?  You totally should!  She often will post about great finds on eBay for cheap plates, and it is a great resource for stamping inspiration.


  1. Yum!! Now I want to go to panera and get a Lemonde. I love the Ruffian and the little lemons! Too cute!

  2. Soo precious! makes me want a lemondrop :)

  3. That's so creative! I'm loving yellow right now...
    How did you find the zoya application?
    Please post some of your tips!!

  4. @Beauty Addict, I LOVE ZOYA!!! I find their formula just perfect! The polish goes on soooooo smooth. Usually only need two coats for a perfect finish, and it dries pretty quick, so I don't tend to mess it up very often with my impatientness.



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