Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm a Kreativ Blogger! :)

I am so honored that both Rainbow and Sparkles Blog and The Nail Addict both nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! :)  Love those girls! :)

This is what you have to do when receiving this award:
- You have to write ten facts about yourself
- You have to pass the award along to ten other bloggers! 

Ten Facts About Me:
  1. I'm 27 years old, married to my husband Keith for almost four years, living in Southern Maryland, mom to Lucky dog, a maltese shih tzu mix.
  2. I make websites for a living, and I get to work from home four days a week :)
  3. Besides my hobby of painting nails, I also love to crochet, garden, watch trashy reality show like Jersey Shore and anything on E!  I also love being crafty and decorated our home.
  4. In the past 2.5 years I've lost over 50 pounds.  I've been working with a nutritionist and have become a total gym rat, so you might hear me tweet about that subject from time to time.
  5. I've never worn false nails before, but my nails often get mistaken for fake nails.  I definitely got my great nail genes from my momma.
  6. My hot Saturday night plans every week include Wii family game night with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend Bev.  Its one of my favorite nights of the week because I turn into a traveling manicurist and get to share my passion for nail art and stamping with my mom and Bev.  I love painting my nails and coming up with new designs, but its even funner when you don't have to do them alone.
  7. Favorite tv shows include: Glee, One Tree Hill, 90210, Grey's Anatomy, 30 Rock, Modern Family, and MANY MANY MORE.
  8. I love traveling.  My two favorite places that I've been are Italy and Hawaii!
  9. For my birthday this year I got tickets to go see the goddess: Ms. Britney Spears and Niki Minaj!  LOVE them both!
  10. I like to have theme songs for my different moods.  Here are my top three: "Bossy" by Kelis for when I'm feeling like a bossy bitch.  "Superwoman" by Alicia Keys for pumping me up before a job interview or other important event.  "You Drive Me Crazy" by Britney Spears for whenever anything is driving me crazy! LOL.
Ten Bloggers I am nominating for this award:
  1. Bevy's Nails
  2. Emily's Nails
  3. Nail Polish Art Addiction
  4. Let Them Have Polish
  5. Chloe's Nails
  6. My Simple Little Pleasures
  7. Oooh Shinies
  8. Nail Art by Simple Rins
  9. Forever the Ugly Duckling
  10. Kawaii Nail Art


  1. You definitely deserve this awards! Sooo amazing that you lost that much weight! Omg it must be so difficult, I could never do that. xD

  2. Congratulations on your blog award.



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