Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strawberry Manicure for your Pink Wednesday

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret to this whole nail blogging thing:  Sometimes I am so filled with inspiration and ideas that I can't make up my mind on what manicure to do.  I literally just sit there for like half an hour staring at my image plates and watching Youtube videos thinking about what I want to do. One such night happened last week.  I really wanted to play with my new image plates, so I just decided to paint my nails white and play around. 

I wish I would've taken a picture of my typical white base all by itself because I think a lot of times whites come in two types: opaque and super chalky, or super sheer and pretty, but takes 4-5 coats to get the color you want.  UGH!  So, what I've been doing lately is one or two coats of the chalky opaque dollar store white, and then add one coat of pretty shimmery Zoya Christinna, and it feels much softer than the average white base.

So after I had my pretty white base, I decided to do two different manicures.  One on each hand. On one hand I really wanted to do a cute fruit-inspired manicure, so I did french tips in my konad hot pink, then stamped some strawberries to each nail from my big fat plate, painted the stems green, and added some white dots to the tips with my dotting tool to just finish it all off!
I'm sorry for the super crappy picture.  I was over at my mom's about to take this off when I realized I forgot to capture it, so I took a quick pic using her iPad.

Strawberries aren't the only design that can be stamped on white!  I also did a cute hounds tooth design in black on my other hand because I just CANNOT make up my mind sometimes! 
I love this classic design!  I think my big fat image plate full nail designs are a bit bigger than my Konad plates, so I think I'm going to have to try more of these out.

What do you guys think?  Anyone else suffer from indecisiveness when selecting their manicure?  Please forgive me for the bad picture quality, I just wanted to make sure I captured these for you guys.


  1. I am super indecisive too. Lately I've been wearing different things on each hand a LOT because I have so many things to swatch and post and so many nail art ideas!
    Oh the woes of a nail blogger :P

    I've been meaning to do black and white houndstooth! So classy.
    And I like the idea about the shimmery white over normal white! Might have to try that out.

  2. WooHoo Pink Wednesday! I love it. I love the black & white look as well.

  3. the strawberries are so adorable

  4. Ugh yes! I used to be so bad before blogging because I would do my nails only once a week. Now that I've started blogging I change them everyday or every other few days so I don't take as long deciding. I love the strawberries, I saw them and was like, whoa what image plate is that from?! Cute!

  5. The strawberries are really cute, love them :-)

  6. I'm always indecisive! Some days I'll change my mani up to four times before I FINALLY decide on something! Great manicure btw, they both came out pretty. (:



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