Friday, May 20, 2011

Cracked Concrete - First Crackle EVER!

So, today I have one last birthday present to share with you guys! My future sister in law Bev knows how much I love me some gray polish, so she got me my very first crackle polish for my birthday: China Glaze Cracked Concrete!

So, here's the deal. For the longest time I've kind of been anti-crackle polish. Maybe I just haven't seen enough color combinations that I've liked. Or maybe its just that crackle polishes remind me of chipped nails, which I really hate! But, my first crackle color combination has made me a believer.

Here is our starting line-up:

I used Zoya Dove as my base coat, and here is CG Cracked Concrete with it.
Here's my base coat.  Two coats of Zoya Dove.  Ok, omg, can we talk about how stunning Dove is?  I just love Zoya.  They just make the most beautiful polishes, and they always just look so good on. 
Here's Cracked Concrete over Dove.  The polish was pretty easy to work with.  In case you are a crackle n00b like me here's how it works:  you paint a single coat over your nail, and at first it looks like a regular thick layer of polish, but after a few seconds the magic happens!  You aren't limited to just using crackle over your whole nail.  I've seen people play with swirls, french tips, and even hearts!  I decided to play with it a bit and make hearts on a few nails because a lot of the manicures I've liked best with crackle polishes do hearts. 
Conclusion: I heart this crackle.  I got CG Black Crackle on its way to my house right now, and I can't wait to play more with these polishes.  I think the key to success is just pretty color combinations, and breaking out of the box and trying out different shapes and designs.

How do you feel about crackle polishes?  Any pretty color combinations I should try?  I know recently I LOVED Let Them Have Polish's blue crackle swatches, and Gotham Polish did OPI's silver shatter over Zoya Jules

P.S. I've been testing out taking pictures with a lamp at night.  Do you like how these turned out?  Any tips for nail pix when sunlight isn't always an option?


  1. If you can get hold of Barry M where you are they have 4 crackle polishes in black, blue, pink and white and they're all pretty good! I have the blue over silver on now (and on my blog) and I love it! I also tried crackle hearts in black over orange but yours turned out soo much nicer!x

  2. I love the grey over grey look! That's fab! Thanks for the shout out :) PS How was I not following you yet?! Oh well I am now!!!

  3. LOVE IT! I love that you made a heart with the crackle. I normally don't see people being creative with crackle application. I also think that black crackle looks amazing over rainbow gradients and also glitters!

    P.S. I gave you an award! I hope you don't mind if I post the link:

  4. nice :-)

    maybe you want to enter my nail art contest?:)

  5. I'd be lost without my light box for taking pics at night.

  6. I love how you made the heart! I didnt think about making shapes with crackle, diagonally yes, but a heart nope! Thanks for sharing! (:



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