Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Nails!

Last night we had our weekly dinner at my grandmother's and I decided to bring my nail stuff to give my grammy some gorgeous patriotic nails :)  And of course I had to do mine as well! :)

Here are my Grandma's nails!  I painted them in my favorite hot red: Zoya Sookie!  Then I stamped a cute star USA design from a fauxnad plate (M37) I got from Born Pretty.  You can get the stamp in this set.  She loved the final outcome!  It felt very patriotic to me!

Here is my design:

 I used Zoya Tallulah on my thumb and pointer nails, and then stamped the stars from Konad M3 all over them with Konad special white polish.
Then I painted the rest of my nails with Zoya Purity, and stamped the stripes from BM20 using Konad's special red polish.  These stripes didn't cover my nails perfectly, so I had to strategically place my thumb to cover up a bad match up of the design.  I really don't know how ladies with really long nails align stamps so perfectly.  I usually fail at it miserably.  If you have any suggestions for how to do that better, please let me know. 

Exciting news!  I passed 200 followers this weekend!  So, I just wanted to send a BIG shout out to all of you for following my blog, and being so awesome!  I love every single comment I get and I have loved finding new blogs to follow.

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