Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playing with Color Club Neon Stripers = Awesome Rainbow Crackle Manicure

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!  Today I have a really fun manicure for you.  On a recent trip to Ross I found a set of Color Club Neon Stripers.  They must be an old set because the ones listed on the website don't match my set.  So, I decided to play with the stripers by using each of the colors to draw diagonal lines. 
Nail blogger tip:  If a nail gets smeared, cover it with your thumb :P
My middle nail got smeared because I applied my clear coat before letting a touchup dry enough.  OOPS!
My thumb was my favorite nail.  The stripes came out perfect.  These colors worked well and were pretty opaque, but I did start with a white base nail before striping. 

After working so hard on my striped masterpiece of a manicure I didn't want to remove it right away to do another manicure, but I was ready for a change, so out came my black mesh crackle from china glaze!

How wicked is that?  I love the rainbow peaking out from the crackle.  Are you wondering if I was able to do the gorgeous lines on my right hand?  Well, shocker:  I didn't!  LOL!  I used my right hand with a white base to try out other looks using my nail stripers. 
And as you can see those styles were kind of all over the place!  But that's okay because crackle makes everything look cool!
So, that is my tip for the day for all you beginners out there who what to try stuff out:  GO TO TOWN!!!!  If worse comes to worse, throw some crackle over your messed up design and it will look SO COOL!!!! 

Hope you enjoyed my adventures with the Color Club nail stripers!  I must say my crackle polishes have really made for some really cool manicures in the past:  Here it is over some glitter, here it is saving a hideous peach color, here is is on a pink Wednesday, and here it is in a heart shape.  I think it's time to invest in some other crackle polishes beside black and gray.  Any recommendations for me?


  1. Love the Nail Blogger Tip :D :P !

  2. funny blogger tip... I just love that!! And your stripes look awesome!

  3. OMG! Love it! Especially the striped nails with crackle over top!

  4. i love it :D the colours are pretty

    shel xx

  5. cutee, i lovee crackle nails! LOL and i love the blog tip!



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