Thursday, August 11, 2011

Traveling Manicurist

When I really got into stamping and nail art everyone I know wanted me to show them how and I started becoming a bit of a traveling manicurist. I know most bloggers have this awesome nail storage and nail station, but over here, I'm always taking my polish with me, so I've been on the hunt for the perfect travel bag/box/whatever for all my nail tools and a handful of polishes for when I'm going out. And I've finally found it! This little kit I've created works great for Saturday night nail nights with my mom and Bev, and it traveled well when I went to the beach last week, so here it is:
I got both of these bags through a company called Thirty One.  My friend had a party and I was really impressed with the Mini Organizer.  The inside is big enough for all my nail tools, and the pockets on the sides let me bring along just enough polishes for wherever I am going.
Inside, I have the Zoya big flipper, cotton rounds, cuticle remover, cuticle cream, a small dish for remover because I like to dip a brush in it to remove the mess on my fingers after painting my nails.  Then I put a cup in there to hold all the little tools like brushes, files, cuticle pushers, stampers, rhinestones, etc...

Then, in the other little bag, which I got for like $2 at the party I put all my stamping plates, cards to scrape with and special stamping polishes.

Most of the time it sits right on top like this and then I just grab it and go!
When they aren't traveling, my polishes sit out in a cutlery organizer on my desk like this, but I'm not really happy about that, and am very much considering wall mounted storage, just so I can gain more square footage on my desk.  This picture is a bit old, my collection has expanded a lot since taking this.

I've tried a lot of different systems for taking my nail stuff out and about, and by far this is my favorite!  Do you ever feel like a traveling manicurist? or do you usually just do your nails at home?  Have you found a system that works for you yet?  Do you wish you had a bag like this one?  If you are interested I might get another one and offer it up filled with goodies as a big giveaway when I hit 500 followers!


  1. this bag is really awesome, i love all the little pockets and stuff!

    shel xx

  2. I am not so sure everyone was begging for you to show them... It was more of you saying "I have to show you my new obsession!" Not that I am complaining now, though. :p

  3. I have a heard a lot of good things about 31 but wasn't sure. This looks like a great idea to check in to!!



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