Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chevron French Tape Tutorial Pink Wednesday Edition

I hope you lovelies liked my tape tutorial last week because that same night I tried another look using the same colors!  I started this manicure with a base coat in Zoya Purity.  Then I pulled off a small piece of tape making sure to de-stickify it a bit before placing it on my nail.  You can see in this picture where to place it for a chevron french:

Then I went over the tape with Zoya Lolly and removed the tape before it dried:
As you can see I didn't cut my tape, I just pulled it off the dispenser because I knew I was going to cover my line with a striper.  If you want a cleaner line, then make sure to cute the tape using scissors. 
Here is the final look!  I really like these colors together.  It feels very preppy, like something you'd wear to play tennis or something!  I hope you've liked these two tape tutorials! 

Green striper and Lolly were provided for my consideration by Nail De Royale.


  1. This looks great! I really love those colors together.

  2. lovely mani...

    just a question... how do you de-stickify the tape??



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