Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spa Night at Moondancerjen's House!

This past weekend I invited over some of my fav gal pals for a spa party!  After my friends found out about my new konad obsession, they were all eager to try, so that was the main focus of the party!  In case you are thinking about hosting a spa party of your own, here is how we set it up:
Pedicure Room.  We set up two foot baths across from the bathroom for easy water access, then laid out some magazines and foot spa goodies I got from Sally's.
 Across the hall in the bathroom, we set up a paraffin wax warmer, plus hand scrubs, face masks, and lotions.  While at Sally's I picked up Gigi's pomegranate grapefruit wax for the paraffin warmer and it smelled divine!  Everyone loved doing the hand wax part.  It makes your hands sooooo soft afterwards!

This is what I lovingly refer to as the nail bar.  I put my whole stash up there with the konad plates so everyone could pick their polish and design and then bring it to the table to play with.
Here's the table.  I put the tools on here that everyone would need, like base coats, stamping polishes, all the stampers and files, cotton balls, etc...
 Here is a detail shot of the goodies all separated out into their glass containers.

Now, onto some of the gorgeous konadicures that came out of the party:
 This is mine.  I used Zoya Dove as a base, stamped the zebra print from M57 using konad special polish and then topped it with Chine Glaze Fairy Dust (love this sparkle)
On my friend Lisa she picked Zoya Perrie with a design from one of my fauxnad plates in Konad special white polish.

 My friend Cindy used my new Charcoal color from Forever 21.  LOVE the black and sparkles!  She stamped a simple silver rose with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep on her middle fingers and then added a simple little red rhinestone.
 My friend Krystal LOVES stars and pink, so this manicure did not surprise me a bit, but I think it is so cute!  She brought her own China Glaze color for the base.  I didn't catch the name of it.  Then stamped the stars using konad special white and then placed a rhinestone on each nail.
 I helped my friend Jamie out on this one, and I definitely think I was channeling JWOWW from the Jersey Shore with these black tips!  Black tips were Zoya Raven.  Glitter top coat was China Glaze Fairy Dust and Claire's Glow in the Dark polish I got from LTHP's giveaway.

There were many more nails where those came from, but my pictures didn't come out so great on them.  All in all it was SO MUCH FUN sharing something I love so much with all my friends!  They all loved it too!  I think we are definitely going to have to have spa night more often!  Have you guys ever hosted a spa night? 

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  1. It looks like you and the gals had a great nite! And some awesome mani's from it...Thx for sharing!



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