Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

I've decided to join a group of fetch bloggers who love Mean Girls and pink!  I'll be honest, I used to love Mean Girls, but now it just makes me sad!  Lilo used to be so awesome, and now she is just a hot mess.  Mean Girls just reminds me of all that wasted potential ;) hahahaha!

So, I'm starting pink Wednesdays with an all new pink I just got from Zoya: Hayden!  Hayden is very special to me because my bff who LOVES pink just happens to have a son named Hayden, so I just had to get it during Zoya's BOGO event!
Now Hayden is a bit sheerer than I like.  This is three coats and there was definitely still some visible nail lines, so what is a girl to do, but konad a big white bow over it!  LOL!  I'm really loving this cute pink mani! 

Wanna see what else I got from the Zoya BOGO event?
From their new Sunshine, Summer and Mod Matte Collections: Sookie, Mira, Keiko, Areej, Faye, Apple, Lolly, and Phoebe.  Plus, I got a couple of extra bonus colors I had been lusting after:
Zara, Hayden and Jancyn  I hope this holds me over for awhile because I'm officially cut off!  I told the hubs he wasn't allowed to buy any golf stuff for three months, and I think it is only fair if I do the same with nail stuff!  Luckily, my birthday is in there, so even if I don't buy any new polishes, I might still receive some new goodies!  *fingers crossed*


  1. I love the stamp bow! What plate is that? Must have it!!

  2. It is Konad M59. That plate has another bow the same size with POLKA DOTS!!!! so cute! definitely a must have plate.

  3. I love the mani you did, it looks so cute!



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