Friday, November 18, 2011

Free Jewelry Giveaway

My giveaway spirit isn't done yet!  I have another exciting giveaway for you!  I have recently started my own business as a Lia Sophia consultant, and I wanted to give my wonderful followers the opportunity to purchase some beautiful jewelry and potentially win an awesome pair of earrings!


1. Click here to start shopping
2. Enter "Moondancerjen Nails" as your hostess
3. Browse & shop for your favorite pieces

Customer Save Plan: Buy 1 @ regular price and get up to 2 at half price. Your most expensive pieces are ALWAYS half!

Once your order is received, I will apply your $10 discount and will call or email you to confirm before processing.

*Applies to orders of $100 or more
On top of that, everyone who places an order will be entered to win a pair of Voltage Earrings!
This giveaway and offer is only open to the U.S. and will end on December 9th!


  1. Those earrings are sooo cute!! And I want to give you the Versatile Blogger award :) you deserve it!

  2. Nice earings!

    I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award! I will have a post up about it soon!!!



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