Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hot Pink Zebra Nails

I must start out by saying that I am so sorry for my absence. I have just been sooooooooooooooo busy and I hate that I've neglected my little bloggy. I promise to make more time for you in the future! Ok, so now to today's Pink Wednesday manicure, holy hotness! I know this look has been done a zillion times before, but I don't care, these nails were SO MUCH FUN!  Srsly, if you have never done anything this bright and fierce on your nails before, DO IT!!!! DO IT NOW!!!! Here's the look:
Here's how to achieve this look:
  1. Start out with a base of China Glaze Shocking Pink (neon) - a color very true to it's name ;)  I used 3 coats.
  2. Then add a diagonal french using your favorite white, you may need 2 coats for full coverage.  You could tape this off for a clean line like I did in this manicure, but I didn't because I knew I would be going over the line with black.
  3. Using a black striper (mine is from Art Club) draw a line where the white meets the pink.
  4. Still using the black striper you can draw your zebra lines OR you can tape off your pink side and stamp the zebra print like I had on my zebra kisses konadicure.  I know konad, born pretty and bundle monster all have at least one zebra print design on their plates.
  5. Let your design dry really good, and then top coat.  I used Seche Vite because it does a good job of not smearing the design.
  6. (Optional) Before the top coat dries, add your rhinestones on the black line. 
Hope this tutorial helps you get some super fierce zebra print nails!  Holler if you are wearing pink nails today!  And Let me know in the comments if you'd rock this very bold look!


  1. Oh man I LOVE this! I'm obsessed with Shocking pink- I'm currently rocking out leopard print with this colour so hollaaaa at the bold pink nails! xXx

  2. Im loving this fierceness ;) my favourite part... The silver studs :) sooo fun and bright!

  3. I'm a new follower & I love your blog! Awesome!

  4. I am going to get this done for sure. I just have to find a nail place in Minnesota that does them!



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