Friday, September 30, 2011

Flip Flop Friday: Houndstooth Toes

Went to 5 Below recently and found some Jinx Nail Polish Strips, and I thought they would be perfect for my toes. I tend to change my nail color about 5 times a week, so these nail polish strips are kind of wasted on my fingers, but on my toes, I only change them out about once a week, so I these would be a great way to spice up my standard pedicure.

I think houndstooth is sooo cute! Have you tried nail polish strips on your toes yet? Did you know they sell nail stuff at 5 Below? I scored some major steals last time I was there including some Art Club stripers, some Funky finger glitters and Sally Hansen Chrome polishes!


  1. I really like that design. I haven't tried them yet are they easy to do?

  2. I love this!! Too cute!! XOXO

  3. Too cute. I haven't tried nail strips but I love houndstooth. Adorable!

  4. @Nail Reflections: I feel like the nail strips are easy to do, but they are time consuming because you want them to come out perfect.

  5. I can imagine. Yours look great. ill put them on my shopping list Thanks moondancerjen!



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