Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Fruit Week - Day 4: These nails are GRAPE!

These nails would be great for a wine festival! I started with a base of Revlon Lily.  OMG, what a stunning lilac color!  I just love it!  The color went on really smooth and dried fast, yay!
On top of Lily, I stamped grapes from Bundle Monter's BM108 plate using Zoya Pinta.  I added the green stems using Sally Hansen Lickity Split Lime and an art brush. Note to self, when the camera says it needs new batteries, it means it!  And will not focus properly without them :(  Sorry about the blurry photo.  I hope you get the idea of what it looked like.  I really liked how this came out. 

Are you excited about the stunning conclusion of Summer Fruit Week tomorrow?  I'm definitely excited about having another giveaway!


  1. I can always tell when my camera battery is low (without it telling me) because it does the same thing! Very inconvenient when you are trying to do something!

  2. Great colours and I really like the asymmetrical way you placed your stamps. I can see myself wearing this mani. Well done!



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