Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Sweater Nails

When I saw this pin on Pinterest, I fell in love!  What an awesome Christmas look!  Extra bonus: it came with a tutorial!  I'll be honest, this look was a challenge!  Mine definitely doesn't look as good as Never Too Much Glitter's I'm going to blame it on using nail polish instead of acrylic paint.  Here's hoping Santa brings me some for Christmas!

My base color for this manicure is Rimmel Gray Matter.  I used a white striper for the white parts, and a konad red stamping color for the red parts.  The deer and the snowflakes were stamped, not hand-done because I wanted them to look nice and so I could save some time. 

I know I'm the most inconsistent blogger out there, but I"m hoping to make that up to you with a TON of Holiday looks this week!  I've got a huge backlog of manicures, so I may be posting multiple times a day to give you some last minute nail art ideas!


  1. Great job...and it does look like a sweater!

  2. It turned out stunning fair isle is the best!

  3. looks good! i can't wait to try out something like this too!

  4. This is fantastic, what a cute idea!

  5. I like these a lot. You did a great job :-)



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